about the VOS3000

Best VoIP Softswitch works as a core VoIP Solution. We provide the core switch with our premium Xeon HP server. Take advantage of the mighty, carrier-grade switch and make all of your VoIP operations effortless.


Network Uptime SLA - 99.999%

24/7 Support

Live Support

Automated Billing System

Bandwidth Up to 20TB





  • Xeon 2.4Ghz HP Server
  • 2 Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 120 GB SCSI Hard Drives
  • Internet Port 100 mbps
  • Bandwith 5000 GB
  • Network Uptime SLA – 99.999%
  • 24/7 Live Support




  • Xeon 3.2Ghz IBM Server
  • 4 Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 160 GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Internet Port 100 mbps
  • Bandwith 8000 GB
  • Network Uptime SLA – 99.999%
  • 24/7 Live Support




  • Dual Xeon 3.20 Ghz Dell
  • 4 Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 250GB SCSI Hard Drives
  • Internet Port 1gbps
  • Bandwith 10000 GB
  • Network Uptime SLA – 99.999%
  • 24/7 Live Support




  • Dual Xeon 3.50 Ghz Dell
  • 8 Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 250GB SATA Hard Drive
  • 1gbps uplink port
  • Bandwith 20 TB
  • Network Uptime SLA – 99.999%
  • 24/7 Live Support


There are many soft switches available in the market, but this switch has been able to stand out on its own due to its robust/stable operation system, high performance, dynamic features, and a tremendous number of vital features.

Automatic Billing

You can completely renovate your ancient and confusing billing system. VOS can offer manual/automated CDR to help you with a robust, secure, and user-friendly billing portal. You can manage different rates and apply custom filters to your customer/vendor and get the most out of your business.

High capacity

VOS3000 is a carrier-grade system with high production on the focus. It supports SIP/H323/SIP-H323 and has a tremendous capacity for handling 10,000 concurrent calls at any given moment. The IVR also has a higher IP binding capacity and media forwarding capacity to 4,000 concurrent calls.


One of the main strengths is that it is very reliable and user-friendly. It gives you the power to manage almost all your Softswitch-related needs and work on multiple channels making VOS3000 one of the most reliable soft switches available in the market.

High stability

A Softswitch needs to do multiple works simultaneously. As a result, many of the soft switches tend to fail while working. VOS3000 makes you free of this burden. It supports Overload protection, load balancing, and redundancy backup mechanism to provide you an uninterrupted service.

Performance oriented

Performance is a crucial indicator of your business’s development. To ensure high performance, VOS3000 gives you the option to manage multiple systems with ease. Also It focuses not only on enhancing your processing performance but also on the overall performance of your business.

Web self-service system

It has a web-based, user-friendly interface to support up to date features like online payment, reports, routings control, auto invoice, and many more. You don’t need to worry about system security as VOS3000 has the backbone support of a robust Anti Hack & Firewall system.

Quality logistic services

If you are looking for a complete solution for your VoIP business, you are in the right place! We can provide you top-notch solutions for all your VoIP needs.


A combination of high-quality VoIP business operations that can provide a smart and secured complete solution for all your VoIP needs.


A sophisticated Level 4 billing framework for retail customers that offers real-time control for safe and user-friendly applications.


VOS-MASTER Billing for operating in any VoIP business. With a safe and efficient high-performance carrier-class system, it is completely protected.


The VOS Master security firewall guarantees that the hack-proof Linux server is blocked using two-step IP authentication.


Everything you need to know about VOS3000.

  • Yes. It supports add-on module integrations like Global Card Business System, Extreme media proxy, and more.
  • You can open the “Rate Management” Panel by double-clicking on the “Navigation” menu and then select “Rate Management.”
  • Yes. It gives you a real-time call monitoring option to enhance your call performance.
  • It can support up to 5,000 simultaneous calls with a media proxy.
  • The Softswitch can support up to 20,000 online SIP accounts. 
  • Of course. this switch supports real-time routing gateway quality checking.