You can also rent a server to host your VOS3000 Softswitch. The high processing power and flexibility of VOS3000 also makes it costly. So if you don’t want to buy the lifetime version for the Softswitch, you are not wrong. VOS3000 rental solution gives you access to all the features you are craving for without costing so much like the lifetime version.
Some of the basic features you will get with the rental solution is as follows:

  • Complete routing strategy
  • Powerful billing portal
  • Easy to manage and scale
  • Multi-level agents 
  • High stability and performance
  • Tremendous capacity to handle simultaneous calls and thousands of SIP accounts
  • Useful optional modes
  • Real-time monitoring and reports
  • Secured operation system
  • Improved compatibility and package management

We try to make sure that no matter which version you choose, you can always expect the best out of your system. Contact us today to set up your rental solution and get the most out of your investment.

VOS3000 Server Guide

Hello everyone. Recently I’ve come across the fact that many people don’t know much about VOS3000 server or have a bit of confusion about this. In this article, I will discuss all you need to know about VOS3000 server to help you get a clear idea. So let’s jump right in. 

What is a VOS3000 Server? 

Vos3000 is a Linux based carrier-grade Softswitch. It is a specially designed, robust, and dynamic solution to fulfil all of your VoIP needs. The server you’ll be using as your base of operation is otherwise known as the VOS3000 server. 

Choosing a good server is crucial because you’ll essentially have to work with a vast amount of data. So the data needs to be kept in a safe, secured place that can give you fast support, easy access, and zero downtime. 

Why should I get a VOS3000 Server? 

Vos3000 is a powerful Softswitch. It deals with a massive amount of data on a regular basis. The responsibility of securing that much data falls on your hand. If you can’t protect that much data or can’t get access to that data when needed, that can severely impact your business. 

VOS3000 works as the backbone of your entire operating system. Suppose you don’t want to face issues like a sudden power outage, server downtime, natural disaster, or inability to access/process data. In that case, a good quality server can help you with that.

What should I keep in mind?

There are several server providers out there, where you can get quality servers. However, there are a couple of features that you should check before getting a server to ensure you get the best out of your investment. To help you in the right direction, here is a list of vos3000 server requirements you should look for: 

Data centres: 

The closer your data centre is, the quicker data can be accessed if you operate your business from Asia and your data centre is in the USA; then you’ll have a hard time accessing your data. So choosing the data centre closest to your location would be the best choice. 

Latest technology:

As you’re in the VoIP industry, keeping up with the latest technology is crucial. If you want to get the best out of your production, it is crucial that you adapt to the latest technological advancement and a good provider will always support you with this. 


The main reason you are choosing a server for your VOS3000 Softswitch is to keep your data safe. So there is absolutely no chance that you should compromise with your data security. Make sure your provider gives you an advanced firewall, protection from DDOS attacks/brute forces, latest security patches and an instruction prevention system. 


You’ll be needing to access your data regardless of time to operate smoothly. There might be some incidents occurring every now and then that can hamper your operation. If you want tour data to be available 24/7, you should choose a VOS3000 server provider that gives you protection from incidents like a sudden power outage, server downtime, natural disaster, or inability to access/process data. 


If you want, you can just take a normal server and host your Softswitch there. But if you can get your hands on a dedicated server for your VOS3000 Softswitch, that is always a plus. Talk to your provider if they offer a dedicated and optimised server for hosting your Softswitch.    

Bandwidth allocation:

The more bandwidth you have, the more traffic you can handle. As you start to grow your business, you’ll be needing more and more bandwidth allocation. A provider who offers quick up-gradation on bandwidth can be a great asset in your business journey. 

Do I Really Need to Buy a VOS3000 Server?

Not really. There is also a solution called VOS3000 server rental solution. If you are concerned about costing or don’t want to buy a dedicated server for your Softswitch, you can look up the companies that offer Vos3000 server rent to their clients. That way you can cost-optimize your operation by a reasonable margin. 

Contact with your provider before you make the solution. They will train you on the technical stuff like how to restart VOS3000 server, how to set up VOS3000 server on windows, how to change password, and so on. 


VOS3000 is a mighty Softswitch that can act as the core of your VoIP operations. To provide the Softswitch with proper support, a server is essential in various ways. The higher stability of the Softswitch can be complemented with the support of a quality VOS3000 server solution. It is a way lat easier to maintain the server than to access the infrastructure every time you need. So, selecting a server for VOS3000 can really turn out to be a great asset that can help boost your VoIP business like never before.